Letting data work, adaptably.

Adaptant is dedicated to empowering users over their data,
while enabling new ways for data to be used.

By placing the end user at the centre and forefront of privacy innovation, we enable new uses of data that are not only legally compliant, but also ethical, and privacy-preserving – facilitating trust building and value co-creation between the end user and the service provider.

Adaptant Labs is the research and development arm of Adaptant and is the primary vehicle for knowledge dissemination, technology transfer, and intellectual property realization.

Its mission is to facilitate and drive cross-cutting open innovation and research in privacy-preserving technologies across a diverse range of applications while driving the continued evolution of Adaptant’s Products, Solutions, and Services.

Partner Programme

We see the role of the individual as more than that of a classical data subject (e.g. a passive entity that information is collected from or about in order to drive business), but instead as a business partner integral to value co-creation. Our Partners do too.

There are several different pathways for engaging with the Partner Programme, depending upon the type of relationship sought:

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