Letting data work, adaptably.

Who is Adaptant?

Adaptant® is dedicated to empowering users over their data, while enabling new ways for data to be used. By placing the end user at the centre and forefront of privacy innovation, we enable new uses of data that are not only legally compliant, but also ethical, and privacy-preserving – facilitating trust building and value co-creation between the end user and the service provider.

Adaptant’s vision is that through empowering users to take control of their own data, new user-centric business models and services will be realized, fundamentally changing the data value chain.

Adaptant was established in 2015 to take advantage of the recent and impending changes to the individual privacy landscape in Europe, with a specific focus on providing technological solutions and innovations supporting the upcoming Regulation (EU) 2016/679, or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have positioned ourselves to provide relevant and flexible products, solutions, and services to individuals interested in exercising their new rights, as well as to businesses who need to assess their current and future compliance for existing and newly collected data. We also offer support to organisations which are beginning a move towards more inclusive business models and service offerings that are reflective of the individual’s wants and needs.

Time until the new General Data Protection Regulation takes effect. Are you ready?

Find out how Adaptant can help you assess the impact of the GDPR (now Regulation 2016/679) on your organization, plan for compliance with the new changes, and explore new business opportunities in user-centric and ethical data management.

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