MCDE 2017: Building a Consentful Economy – Southampton, United Kingdom

April 6-7, 2017

The third international workshop on Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy.

From the MCDE 2017 Workshop Page “Over the past 3 years, the MCDE project at the University of Southampton has been considering the issue of consent with regard to digital services, and in particular how consent can empower digital citizens to engage with and protect their personal data. With the European Union’s new Data Protection Regulation now finalised, industry and policy makers are now beginning to grapple with the practicalities of collecting, demonstrating and auditing consent. Will this lead to citizens making more informed and meaningful decisions, or will it be a repeat of the dreaded “cookie law”? How can we prepare – as interested parties – to ensure the former? We’ll be considering the pathways – and obstacles – to the deployment of a consent-based digital ecosystem.”

For additional information, please consult the MCDE 2017 Workshop page:

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