Christmas Greetings from Adaptant

Another year is almost gone, making this a good point to reflect and to thank everyone for their continued interest in and support of our company.

2017 was undeniably a year of growth for us in a number of different ways.

First, our team doubled in size in comparison with the previous year, with each new (and old) team member contributing their own unique (and complementary) background, skills, and competencies. We consider this balance of diversity and interdisciplinary focus not only a key pillar of our hiring strategy, but one of our main strengths – it is not only what makes working together both exciting and fulfilling, but also key to providing us with the workforce adaptability and continued organisational agility needed to meet the challenges ahead.

Along with the team growth, the number of internal and EU-wide projects and collaborations have increased too. During the varied conferences, events, and workshops we attended throughout the year, we were fortunate enough to have met like-minded people from a wide range of companies and institutions around Europe, many of whom with which we have already begun developing proposals and cultivating closer partnerships, both in the research and commercial fields.

We will announce more about the progress made in these areas and the impact on the organisation early in the new year – watch this space!

For the time being, we wish our friends, followers, and partners the very best for the new year, from everyone at Adaptant.

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