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Project Ideas

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ICT-32-2018: STARTS The Arts stimulating innovation (lighthouse pilot) - Testing smart solutions in a 4-dimensional environment

We are interested in participating in the lighthouse pilot “art-inspired interactive human-centred environments”, particularly in the context of smart cities, cars and homes. Our own philosophy centres around user-centric technology and we are interested in testing smart solutions in a more realistic 4-dimensional environment employing alternative thinking that is grounded outside of traditional ICT avenues. This is particularly important when dealing with personal data implicit in smart devices and the human aspect of society. We believe that by creating novel and creative experiences in an artistic environment, new technologies and usage scenarios can be more realistically tested.

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ICT-13-2018-2019: Supporting the emergence of data markets and the data economy - Data blending markets for value co-creation

While individually, progress continues within industrial data places and personal data market places (e.g. for user incentivization), a critical gap remains: that of blending personal and machine-generated (or other industrial) data, and the separate compliance requirements that attach to each. While individuals can benefit from machine-generated data, issues concerning indemnification and the limitation of liability must be considered in order for data to be made accessible. In the case of personal data blending, new compliance and infrastructure requirements must be considered before value can be realised. While both sides have value to gain from the other, data markets must evolve beyond pure incentivization schemes for unidirectional data transfers, and into more collaborative environments for value co-creation. Here we present two project ideas to explore this idea:

  • Innovation Action (targeting both subtopics – Personal and Industrial data platforms)
    We are presently developing a personal data management platform (as the backend to a Personal Information Management Service, or PIMS) for the IoT, focused initially on supporting data-driven insurance (UBI) applications in facilitating end-user empowerment in preparation for the GDPR. As part of this, individuals have begun to expect increased access to vehicular sensors for their own use (e.g. through third party applications for personal data analytics), leaving system integrators, OEMs, and sensor manufacturers alike unclear of their liability and risk exposure. While reform of the current Product Liability Directive is considering whether liability should attach to the originator of the data or the user, a lack of clarity creates ambiguity for manufacturers wishing to safely support the open innovation models end-users have come to expect.

    We would specifically look to extend our personal data platform to support interoperability with industrial data places (beyond UBI), with a particular focus on how industrial data can be leveraged for the end-user’s benefit. In exchange, we would look to assist industrial data platform providers to understand the technical and legal challenges of blending and managing personal data with their existing requirements, facilitating the development of trust between both sides, and enabling the industrial data owners to derive GDPR-ready smart contracts.

  • Research and Innovation Action
    In the case of the RIA, we would look specifically at developing a platform and supporting methodologies to enable cross-sector data integration and the blending of personal and commercial data with multiple policy and compliance needs, reflective of increasingly complex and interdependent data value chains emerging in areas such as the IoT. As part of this, we would look at new (especially non-financial) models of user incentivization focusing on the value of reciprocity and multi-sided data exchanges (following similar advances in multi-sided business models emerging in the personal data economy, as well as advances in business models for value co-creation). Previous work in privacy-aware decentralized and distributed data analytics and processing systems are expected to be extended to reflect the newly developed incentivization models.

CSA Proposals – offer of expertise
We would look to join a CSA proposal looking to support the data economy in a user-centric and ethical manner, inline with our company vision. We would provide support and coordination through our activities in standardisation groups and strong interest in contributing to policy inputs affecting privacy regulations within the EU. We also carry out R&D geared towards the data economy and have strong industry ties.

Collaborations Sort
We are looking for partners who could provide the following:
IA: Industrial platform providers that would benefit from the integration of personal data
RIA: Non-monetary user incentivization models; Data exchange protocols

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EUJ-01-2018: Advanced technologies (Security/Cloud/IoT/BigData) for a hyper-connected society in the context of Smart City (RIA) - Globally-relevant privacy-enabling technologies in the context of Smart Cities

While our focus is on developing privacy-enabling technologies for Europe, we also understand the digital society spans international borders and in terms of sustainability in a global market, such technology needs to be adaptable for markets outside of Europe. We would like the opportunity to leverage our experience in the Japanese IT industry to form new alliances and gain the chance to test our technology in the Japanese IT industry and commercial landscape. We are interested in joining or forming a consortium to tackle either of the defined call areas, but would have a preference for area 2) Interoperable technologies of the IoT devices/platforms in the context of Smart Cities. We offer our technologies currently under development as well as our expertise in privacy-by-design principles and perspectives of market-entry barriers in Europe for the digital market. We would look to partner with security, Cloud, IoT or Big Data entities in Japan and Europe and look for a Japanese entity with experience in the Japanese privacy landscape.

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Expertise Offerings

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ICT-02-2018: Flexible and Wearable Electronics (RIA) - Privacy and security, liability and free flow of data

We would look to contribute to proposals targeting the ‘device demonstration’ topic, contributing expertise and enabling technologies in the areas of privacy and security, liability and free flow of data. We are presently developing a personal data management platform (including edge-based analytics) that specifically considers the legal and ethical challenges facing complex data integrations between personally identifiable and machine-generated data in variable compliance regimes, particularly in the IoT data value chain.

ICT-07-2018: Electronic Smart Systems (ESS) (RIA) - Privacy-orientated, edge-based intelligence

We would look to contribute to proposals targeting area a) Technological breakthroughs for future ESS, specifically the aspects involving intelligence and real-time reconfiguration on the IoT edge. Through our expertise in developing privacy-preserving edge-based data analytics and processing solutions, we would look to contribute privacy aspects to edge-based intelligence, supporting auditability and verifiability for sensor reconfiguration and actuation at the edge, as well as contributions to both privacy-preservation and power savings through minimised data sampling.

ICT-08-2019: Security and resilience for collaborative manufacturing environments (RIA) -Increased commercial impact in the industrial data space

The principles behind our personal data management platform (e.g. standards-based dynamic consent management) can be used to extend the proposed technology to be developed from pure security aspects of digital collaboration to real-time and highly granular reconfigurable sharing of industrial data (including methodologies for indemnification, limitation of liability, etc.) that is both auditable and verifiable across the data life cycle.

ICT-09-2019-2020: Robotics in Application Areas (RIA) - Boost the potential up-take of the proposed technology through regulatory compliance and social acceptance

We are interested in joining proposals focusing on area a) Research and Innovation boosting promising robotics applications, and in particular, those aiming for socially-interactive technologies. We would offer our expertise in privacy-by-design principles and awareness-raising capabilities in areas of ICT ethics and privacy to ensure that the proposed technology would be compliant with the rapidly changing privacy landscape in Europe (regulatory compliance and social acceptance) and hence boost the potential up-take of the proposed technology.

ICT-10-2019-2020: Robotics Core Technology (RIA) - Privacy and consent aspects for ethical cooperation

We would look to contribute to proposals targeting core technologies in either “Model-based design and configuration tools” or “Socially cooperative human-robot interaction” which would involve the collection and/or use of personal data (e.g. human interaction). To “enable sharing of knowledge between tools” or allow ethical “human-robot interaction”, privacy and consent aspects should be incorporated into the technology solutions and we would offer our expertise to help integrate this value proposition into the proposal.

ICT-12-2018-2020: Big Data technologies and extreme-scale analytics (RIA) - Managing throughput-sensitive regulated data for extreme-scale computing

We would look to join proposals targeting area a) Research and Innovation Actions developing new big data analytics methodologies and engineering solutions addressing industrial and/or societal challenges. New solutions for the collection, analysis and management of big data that involves personal (or otherwise regulated) data will need to take dimensions of security, privacy, and regulatory compliance into account, without sacrificing performance. We would look to contribute our expertise in developing secure privacy-preserving distributed data processing systems for managing throughput-sensitive regulated data (e.g. streaming analytics in the IoT and HPC Cloud), and explore ways in which these technologies and methodologies can be extended to meet the challenges of extreme-scale computing.

ICT-15-2019-2020: Cloud Computing (RIA) - Innovative end-to-end privacy across heterogeneous clouds

We are interested in contributing to RIAs addressing any of the three areas mentioned in the call. Specifically in area i) we would look to contribute to interoperability and data portability across heterogeneous clouds by facilitating privacy and consent aspects and enabling cross border regulatory compliance; in area ii) to facilitate intelligent decisions at the edge that are dynamically based on user consent, ensuring privacy and security of sensitive data; and area iii) in developing novel collaborative approaches to cloud services, we would look to boost user acceptance of such services by contributing to the development of dynamic consent options and awareness of privacy exposure.

ICT-27-2018-2020: Internet of Things (CSA) - Support strategies for human-centered and ethical IoT

We are an SME focused on generating end-user trust and respect for privacy in all our public, commercial and research activities. We are interested in participating in this CSA call to support strategies for human-centered and ethical IoT. We would contribute to coordination and support activities through our industry and SME-strong network influence and via our activities in various cPPPs and contributions to policy consultations and workshops.

ICT-28-2018: Future Hyper-connected Sociality (IA) - Trust and consent in a hyper-connected society

We are interested in contributing to proposals addressing either subtopic a or b. For content verification proposals (a), we would look to contribute our expertise on privacy-by-design to boost data veracity using solutions that encourage principles of trust building through ethical data management. For Secure Data Ecosystem proposals (b), we would contribute our expertise in business model innovation to address legal and commercial aspects of data sharing/brokerage/trading using a user-centric strategy based on consent and trust, as well as expertise in secure end-to-end decentralized data processing systems (both through sticky policies/data life cycle management and data processing in secure enclaves), for which a supporting platform can also be contributed.

DT-ICT-10-2018-19: Interoperable and smart homes and grids (IA) - End-to-end and decentralized privacy-preserving data processing systems

The development of systems to manage utility sharing will involve sharing of potentially personally identifiable information between smart devices, gateways, and the cloud. We would like to offer our expertise in end-to-end and decentralized privacy-preserving data processing systems to help develop a system that also takes into account the right to privacy (including regulatory compliance and user consent) in its design.

DT-ICT-11-2019: Big data solutions for energy (IA) - Value co-creation and service innovation through trust

We would like to offer our expertise in privacy-preserving technologies and supporting business models to contribute to the development of “the provision of innovative energy services” as required in this call. In particular, we believe that innovative customer services (industrial or private) need to start with technology that fosters trust through ensuring protection of private or sensitive data, while business models need to evolve towards value co-creation. In this way we would encourage co-development of new service offerings that directly reflect the end-user’s wants and needs.

DT-ICT-13-2019: Digital Platforms/Pilots Horizontal Activities (CSA) - Privacy-preservation and data ethics

We are interested in joining or forming a consortium targeting subtopic b) Legal, regulatory and security support. Our privacy-orientated company already participates in providing inputs for privacy-related standardisation groups and EC policy consultations and workshops and we have a strong contact network amongst legislative and legal researchers within Europe. Positioned as a commercial-orientated industry SME, we would offer to contribute to coordinating and supporting activities with other like-minded entities, with a particular focus on the commercial application of privacy-preservation and data ethics.

SU-ICT-02-2020: Building blocks for resilience in evolving ICT systems (RIA) - Data auditability and privacy certification expertise

We are currently carrying out our own research into data auditability (particularly of decentarlied and distributed data processing systems) and privacy certification models as part of building our privacy-enabling platform technology and would be interested in joining or forming a consortium with other privacy, security or data market-orientated entities who would be interested in one or a combination of the three subtopics: a) Cybersecurity/privacy audit, certification and standardisation, b) Trusted supply chains of ICT systems or c) Designing and developing privacy-friendly and secure software and hardware.

FET - Future and Emerging Technologies

FETPROACT-01-2018: FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities (RIA) -Building Trust through privacy-enabling technologies

We are interested in joining a consortium aimed at sub-topic d) Socially interactive technologies. Our proposed contribution would be towards exploring cutting edge privacy-preserving technologies for building trust and understanding across different social interactions which span various vertical industries (e.g. smart cities) and cross-border activities.

Societal Challenge 4 - Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

MG-4-1-2018: New regulatory frameworks to enable effective deployment of emerging technologies and business/operating models for all transport modes

Adaptant is actively engaged in developing user-centric technologies and business models that promote and enable data privacy and social protection. We would look to contribute our expertise to this call in three main areas:

  • developing novel, socially innovative business models, based on privacy empowerment
  • developing governance models to promote innovation through privacy-by-design concepts
  • understanding and technical knowhow in developing new products and services that are compliant with the rapidly changing European privacy landscape

MG-3-3-2018: Driver behaviour and acceptance of connected, cooperative and automated transport - Addressing privacy and acceptance

We are interested in providing enabling technologies to facilitate ethical automated data exchange and decision making in connected, cooperative and automated transport, based on our expertise in the European privacy landscape. We are interested in joining a proposal for the MG-3-3-2018 topic and we would propose to bring value in the following specific areas:

  • Our data management platform will allow a shift away from using synthetic “personal” data to actual “personal” data in test scenarios, allowing for a higher TRL. This will allow for testing of real drivers and their actual behaviour, as compliant with upcoming and current privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR);
  • What is legal vs. what is ethical? We can facilitate drivers to have greater control over their own monitoring as a first step towards harmonizing solutions between the commercial (fleet management/C-ITS) and personal (GDPR-based) worlds;
  • We can develop consent models that evolve beyond pure opt-in/opt-out, towards a more situationally aware and dynamic consent principle (e.g. allowing fine-grained vehicle telemetry data for the purpose of emergency response, while only permitting coarse-grained access for usage-based insurance applications – without the need for baked-in regulatory exceptions);
  • We can help improve quality of life and increased mobility for individuals under Continuous Health Monitoring in a Smart Home environment (e.g. early-onset dementia) by enabling the handling of privacy (legal and ethical) between the data subject (the patient), the data user (the carer) and other third parties (health professionals);
  • We can enable driver health monitoring in both commercial and non-commercial applications to be carried out in an ethical privacy-preserving way, inclusive of individual rights and societal expectations.

We can help address the following 4 call specific aspects:
Call Text “Address explicitly the ethical and legal issues associated with “driver” and/or vehicle decision making processes under different circumstances, as well as explore solutions to overcome the ethical and legal challenges relating to connectivity and automation”
Call Text “Public acceptance of different user groups, including current non-drivers (i.e. the elderly, people with disabilities, children, etc.), which in higher levels of automation could travel alone in an automated vehicle”
Call Text “Assess public acceptance across Europe for higher levels of connectivity and automation, relating to a number of public concerns, including data privacy, safety and security, consequences of the availability of 24/7 mobility, vehicle control, liability, ethics, new features such as driver alerts (various types of alarm), as well as the proliferation of new technology and related behaviours, particularly in view of different types of users (“drivers” / passengers, etc) – all elements enabling sensible use of connectivity and automation”
Call Text “Assess the regulatory state of art, with particular reference to any regulatory gap hindering the adoption of automated vehicles (cars, trains, ships, planes)” – insofar as it relates to privacy / data protection issues.

Offer of expertise

  • privacy facilitating data management platform
  • expertise in incorporating ethics and privacy-by-design principles in technology across the entire software development and product life-cycles
  • participation in standards groups
  • developing innovative service and business models based on value co-creation (specifically leveraging blended data, personal and machine-generated, to generate value for both the end users and service providers)

DT-ART-04-2019: Developing and testing shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicle fleets in urban areas for the mobility of all

Through developing use case validations in RestAssured – Secure Data Processing in the Cloud, Adaptant has research and development experience of secure, connected car cloud architectures. Our container-based system designs include “sticky” policy-based access controls for processing data across multiple organizational boundaries and auditable along entire data lifecycles, from data collection to big data analytics.

KICs 2018 - EIT Urban mobility: smart, green and integrated transport

We are interesting in being a part of the Urban mobility KIC and are looking to join a consortium who will pitch for this project next year. Through our experience and expertise in the privacy industry we would look to drive development of policies and initiatives to help tackle the challenges ahead for the public acceptance and integration of autonomous driving into everyday life. Particularly, we have an interest in the ethical management of traditional non-drivers who, through autonomous transport, can be given increased mobility, contributing to a higher quality of life within their daily environment.

Societal Challenge 6 - Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

DT-GOVERNANCE-12-2019-2020: Pilot on using the European cloud infrastructure for public administrations - Increase public acceptance through relationship-centred societal models

We believe that increased public acceptance of the use of cloud-based infrastructure by public administrations can be achieved through establishing and curating trust between public authorities and local actors. We propose that trust building be based on principles of transparency (by public authorities) and privacy preservation (of citizens). Our previous experience in developing end-to-end privacy-preserving Cloud architectures in line with privacy-by-design principles consider privacy (and legal) aspects throughout all stages of the data lifecycle, including ethics-by-design for (semi-)autonomous (machine-based) decision making and decision support systems.
We are interested in joining a proposal where we could add value by the integration of privacy-by-design and ethical data management principles to:

  • develop relationship-centric (public-government) models for the generation of ethical ‘big data’;
  • develop future-facing models for the incremental uptake of technologies facilitating (semi-)autonomous decision making;
  • encourage value co-creation between public authorities and local actors through transparent concertations for policy-making and implementation.

Other Calls of Interest

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

SU-ICT-03-2020 Advanced cybersecurity and digital privacy technologies
DT-ICT-12-2020 The smart hospital of the future

Societal Challenge 1 - Health, demographic change and wellbeing

SC1-BHC-25-2019 Demonstration pilots for implementation of personalised medicine in healthcare
SC1-DTH-01-2019 Big data and Artificial Intelligene for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment
SC1-DTH-03-2018 Adaptive smart working and living environments supporting active and healthy ageing

SwafS - Science with and for Society

SwafS-04-2018 Encouraging the re-use of research data generated by publically funded research projects
SwafS-16-2018 Ethics of Innovation: the challenge of new interaction modes



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