Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities

We are always interested in exploring new opportunities for cooperation within the sphere of legal and ethical data usage, exchange, protection, and privacy, be it through research, development or joint innovation. 

We have a number of collaborative opportunities and expertise offerings available.

Please feel free to browse through our list below and explore the possibilities.

Horizon 2020 - Upcoming Calls of Interest

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ICT-01-2019: Computing technologies and engineering methods for cyber-physical systems of systems (RIA) - criticality dimensions and autonomic cluster managers

Computing software and systems design for physically-entangled systems – criticality dimensions

We would be interested in providing expertise in aspects of criticality, particularly for proposals that will target the “autonomous vehicles/transport” and “power” vertical domains. Specifically, we would contribute in the following areas:

    • How to deal with different levels of criticality of data on the same platform
    • Privacy as a criticality dimension
    • Edge-based analytics and data control
    • Data veracity (HPC, machine learning and data trustability, attacks on AI learning, compromise at the edge)

Models, tools and methods for design-operations continuum of dependable CPSoS – autonomic cluster manager

We see this call as an opportunity to bridge a gap in autonomic decision making by connecting top level management and orchestration with bottom level autonomic device managers via the development of autonomic cluster managers (covering cloud to edge). We would be interested in contributing to data shaping for compliance, data minimisation for security and developing a needs proxy for devices/sensors.

Deadline: 28 March 2019 17:00:00

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ICT-08-2019: Security and resilience for collaborative manufacturing environments (RIA) -Increased commercial impact in the industrial data space

The principles behind our personal data management platform (e.g. standards-based dynamic consent management) can be used to extend the proposed technology to be developed from pure security aspects of digital collaboration to real-time and highly granular reconfigurable sharing of industrial data (including methodologies for indemnification, limitation of liability, etc.) that is both auditable and verifiable across the data life cycle.

Deadline: 28 March 2019 17:00:00

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ICT-09-2019-2020: Robotics in Application Areas (RIA) - Boost the potential up-take of the proposed technology through regulatory compliance and social acceptance

We are interested in joining proposals focusing on area a) Research and Innovation boosting promising robotics applications, and in particular, those aiming for socially-interactive technologies. We would offer our expertise in privacy-by-design principles and awareness-raising capabilities in areas of ICT ethics and privacy to ensure that the proposed technology would be compliant with the rapidly changing privacy landscape in Europe (regulatory compliance and social acceptance) and hence boost the potential up-take of the proposed technology.

Deadline: 28 March 2019 17:00:00

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ICT-10-2019-2020: Robotics Core Technology (RIA) - Privacy and consent aspects for ethical cooperation

We would look to contribute to proposals targeting core technologies in either “Model-based design and configuration tools” or “Socially cooperative human-robot interaction” which would involve the collection and/or use of personal data (e.g. human interaction). To “enable sharing of knowledge between tools” or allow ethical “human-robot interaction”, privacy and consent aspects should be incorporated into the technology solutions and we would offer our expertise to help integrate this value proposition into the proposal.

Deadline: 28 March 2019 17:00:00

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ICT-13-2018-2019: Supporting the emergence of data markets and the data economy (IA) - Data blending markets for value co-creation

We are presently developing a personal data management platform (as the backend to a Personal Information Management Service, or PIMS) for the IoT, focused initially on supporting data-driven insurance (UBI) applications in facilitating end-user empowerment and compliance with the GDPR. As part of this, individuals have begun to expect increased access to vehicular sensors for their own use (e.g. through third-party applications for personal data analytics), leaving system integrators, OEMs, and sensor manufacturers alike unclear of their liability and risk exposure. While reform of the current Product Liability Directive is considering whether liability should attach to the originator of the data or the user, a lack of clarity creates ambiguity for manufacturers wishing to safely support the open innovation models end-users have come to expect.

We would specifically look to extend our personal data platform to support interoperability with industrial data places (beyond UBI), with a particular focus on how industrial data can be leveraged for the end-user’s benefit. In exchange, we would look to assist industrial data platform providers to understand the technical and legal challenges of blending and managing personal data with their existing requirements, facilitating the development of trust between both sides, and enabling the industrial data owners to derive GDPR-ready smart contracts.

We are looking to join consortia involving industrial data or platform providers that would benefit from the integration of personal data in their overall solution. We are able to bring our GDPR expertise into the project in order to facilitate a higher overall TRL of the resulting innovation, reducing the gap to market entry.

Deadline: 23 March 2019 17:00:00

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ICT-15-2019-2020: Cloud Computing (RIA) - Innovative end-to-end privacy across heterogeneous clouds

We are interested in contributing to RIAs addressing any of the three areas mentioned in the call. Specifically in area i) we would look to contribute to interoperability and data portability across heterogeneous clouds by facilitating privacy and consent aspects and enabling cross border regulatory compliance; in area ii) to facilitate intelligent decisions at the edge that are dynamically based on user consent, ensuring privacy and security of sensitive data; and area iii) in developing novel collaborative approaches to cloud services, we would look to boost user acceptance of such services by contributing to the development of dynamic consent options and awareness of privacy exposure.

Deadline: 28 March 2019 17:00:00

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ICT-24-2018-2019 Next Generation Internet - An open internet initiative (RIA)

We are interested in contributing to the RIA topics i-b (Strengthening internet trustworthiness with electronic identities) and ii-b (Service and data portability) with a focus on managing personal identities, consent, selective disclosure and authentication.

More specifically, in topic i-b) we would bring expertise in self-sovereign identity / device identity, PIMS, and identity and authentication across e.g. service meshes incorporating device ID (separation between human-driven and machine-driven data flows and processing).

In topic ii-b we would look to develop consent management/interoperability as an enabler for service and data portability, cross-border data integration / in-situ data analytics (predicate pushdown) and the enablement of selective disclosure of data (e.g. through personal data stores).

Deadline: 28 March 2019 17:00:00

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DT-ICT-11-2019: Big data solutions for energy (IA) - Value co-creation and service innovation through trust

We would like to offer our expertise in privacy-preserving technologies and supporting business models to contribute to the development of “the provision of innovative energy services” as required in this call. In particular, we believe that innovative customer services (industrial or private) need to start with technology that fosters trust through ensuring protection of private or sensitive data, while business models need to evolve towards value co-creation. In this way we would encourage co-development of new service offerings that directly reflect the end-user’s wants and needs.

Deadline: 02 April 2019 17:00:00

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SU-ICT-02-2020: Building blocks for resilience in evolving ICT systems (RIA) - Data auditability and privacy certification expertise

We are currently carrying out our own research into data auditability (particularly of decentarlied and distributed data processing systems) and privacy certification models as part of building our privacy-enabling platform technology and would be interested in joining or forming a consortium with other privacy, security or data market-orientated entities who would be interested in one or a combination of the three subtopics: a) Cybersecurity/privacy audit, certification and standardisation, b) Trusted supply chains of ICT systems or c) Designing and developing privacy-friendly and secure software and hardware.

Deadline: 19 November 2019 17:00:00

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Societal Challenge 1 - Health, demographic change and wellbeing

SC1-DTH-01-2019: Big data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment

We would aim to bring our expertise in edge-based data management and integration to support the integration of health data from “new” sources, such as IoT devices and wearables, for which quality and reliability issues must be accounted for, in addition to compliance needs. Our technologies include advanced decision-support systems and auditability/accountability for actuation events based on the reliability and veracity of data integrated across heterogeneous data sources of mixed quality. Our experience in handling regulated data, privacy-by-design, and responsible and ethical data use enable us to contribute to technical activities while also providing ethical and regulatory compliance oversight across the project, as needed.

Deadline: 24 April 2019 17:00:00

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Societal Challenge 4 - Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

DT-ART-04-2019: Developing and testing shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicle fleets in urban areas for the mobility of all

Through developing use case validations in RestAssured – Secure Data Processing in the Cloud, Adaptant has research and development experience of secure, connected car cloud architectures. Our container-based system designs include “sticky” policy-based access controls for processing data across multiple organizational boundaries and auditable along entire data lifecycles, from data collection to big data analytics.

Deadline: 24 April 2019 17:00:00

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MG-4-5-2019 An inclusive digitally interconnected transport system meeting citizens' needs

While early adopters have demonstrated the value that mobility solutions can provide, a key barrier to wider-spread adoption amongst disaffected or otherwise disengaged stakeholder groups is accounting for the complex and differing needs/expectations of the individual citizen. Through our previous and on-going work in user-directed privacy-preference codification, data flow control, and auditibility in connected car applications, we can provide the existing competencies and technologies to empower and enable increased adoption amongst citizens with unique needs and expectations. We are also able to help the service providers adjust the way in which they manage their end-user relationships, facilitating a shift towards value co-creation reflective of the individual citizens’ wants and needs, while enabling the service providers to better meet their compliance requirements, build more meaningful customer relationships, and ultimately deliver higher-value contextualized service offerings while increasing market penetration.

Deadline: 25 April 2019 17:00:00

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Societal Challenge 6 - Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

DT-GOVERNANCE-12-2019-2020: Pilot on using the European cloud infrastructure for public administrations - Increase public acceptance through relationship-centred societal models

We believe that increased public acceptance of the use of cloud-based infrastructure by public administrations can be achieved through establishing and curating trust between public authorities and local actors. We propose that trust building be based on principles of transparency (by public authorities) and privacy preservation (of citizens). Our previous experience in developing end-to-end privacy-preserving Cloud architectures in line with privacy-by-design principles consider privacy (and legal) aspects throughout all stages of the data lifecycle, including ethics-by-design for (semi-)autonomous (machine-based) decision making and decision support systems.
We are interested in joining a proposal where we could add value by the integration of privacy-by-design and ethical data management principles to:

  • develop relationship-centric (public-government) models for the generation of ethical ‘big data’;
  • develop future-facing models for the incremental uptake of technologies facilitating (semi-)autonomous decision making;
  • encourage value co-creation between public authorities and local actors through transparent concertations for policy-making and implementation.

Deadline: 14 March 2019 17:00:00

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COST Action

Working Title: Privacy at the Edge

COST actions enable academic researchers to collaborate across Europe on certain themes via the formation of new networks, and provides funds for certain networking activities for individual members over a 4 year period. Only one candidate per eligible EU member state can receive funding, although others may join at their own expense.

Adaptant is interested in building a public roadmap to help identify and establish new key research areas for enabling privacy and data flow controls at the network “edge” (including Multi-Access Edge Computing, Fog Computing, Cloudlets, and related paradigms). We are looking for candidates to work with us to help shape and pitch for this funding. Interested candidates should have a track record of publications in the privacy field establishing their expertise, have experience in developing public roadmaps and have a strong desire to shape future public policy concerning privacy and technology.

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Interested in commercially-oriented collaboration opportunities?

In addition to our research activities, we are also exploring a number of commercially-oriented collaboration opportunities through our Partner Programme.

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