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Partner Programme

We see the role of the individual as more than that of a classical data subject (e.g. a passive entity that information is collected from or about in order to drive business), but instead as a business partner integral to value co-creation. Our Partners do too.

Data Protection is more than just compliance – While your competitors are busy trying to carry on the same way they’ve always done business and trying to protect themselves from the penalties of non-compliance with emerging regulations (e.g. the GDPR), organisations that share in this vision of the changing role of the individual are in a position to move beyond a reactive position of simple compliance to leverage both privacy-by-design and data ethics proactively — providing a solid differentiator to leapfrog their competition.

Whether you are transforming your products, solutions, or services – our Partner Programme is here to help.

Partner Search

Types of Partners

There are several different pathways for engaging with the Partner Programme, depending upon the type of relationship sought.

Adaptant works with selected Technology Partners to extend the technologies underpinning our platform, as well as for finding new opportunities for the integration of value-adding components.

Solution Partners play a pivotal role in going the last mile, working together with us to architect, design, and implement bespoke solutions and platform adaptations for different industry verticals and market niches. Solution Partners are critical in the elicitation and shaping of requirements, as well as providing valuable insights into the value chains in which they operate — ultimately providing a stable foundation for value co-creation and further joint undertakings.

Discover some of the Benefits

Grow Your Business with Adaptant

Our Partner Programme enables partners to work together with us at any stage of their product, service, or solution development lifecycles. The high degree of flexibility and versatility in both our platform and enabling technologies/methodologies provides a solid foundation upon which to explore future diversification and adaptation opportunities.

Collaborate & Innovate With Us

Our team is experienced, interdisciplinary, and diverse – while enjoying a high degree of agility and autonomy. As a small and focused team, we place a high value on building and developing lasting partner relationships – working together to grow together.

Fast-Forward with Like-Minded Partners & Experts

Partners are carefully evaluated and accepted into the programme based on shared values and vision. Gain access to a growing ecosystem of like-minded technology, solution, and service providers to pursue further opportunities with – without having to first get them up to speed.

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