Partner Programme Branding Guidelines

Partner Programme Branding Guidelines

The Adaptant Partner Programme enables partners to work together with us at any stage of their product, service, or solution development lifecycles. The high degree of flexibility and versatility in both our platform and enabling technologies/methodologies provides a solid foundation upon which to explore future diversification and adaptation opportunities.

There are several different pathways for engaging with the Partner Programme, depending upon the type of relationship sought.

The Partner Programme Branding Guidelines are designed for use by Adaptant’s partner ecosystem. 

All the logos are available for download on the Partner Portal. 


This is the primary Adaptant Partner Programme logo to be used only after joining the partner ecosystem.

Specific logos are provided reflecting the different types of partnership:



  • You may use only the programme logos appropriate to your membership level
  • Adaptant Partner Programme logos may be used only to show that you are a member. You may not use the programme logos in any manner that misrepresents your relationship with Adaptant
  • Adaptant Partner Programme logos may be used only on presale marketing materials (for example, advertisements, company brochures, trade show banners, and product collateral), stationery systems (business cards, letterhead), and your Website. You may not use Adaptant Partner Programme logos on materials that promote products or services without the explicit consent of Adaptant
  • Adaptant Partner Programme logos and the term Adaptant cannot appear to be part of your trademarks, company name, product name, or service name
  • Materials on which you use Adaptant Partner Programme logos must clearly indicate that you are independent from Adaptant. All materials displaying the Adaptant Partner Programme logos must display those logos in a subordinate manner to your company name/logo
  • You may not change the colour or font of Adaptant Partner Programme logos, take them apart, combine them with any other words or graphics, translate them, change their proportions, animate them, morph them, or otherwise alter them in any way
  • You may not use Adaptant Partner Programme logos in any manner that reflects negatively on Adaptant
  • Use the Adaptant Partner Programme logo on top of a white solid fill

Design and usage standards ensure that the Adaptant Partner Programme brand is instantly recognizable however and wherever it is used. You must follow branding guidelines carefully and avoid unauthorized variations such as those displayed here.


  • Manipulate
  • Create an outline of the logo
  • Apply a drop shadow, gradient or effect to the logo
  • Angle
  • Alter the colour
  • Use the logo without the white background
  • Alter or recreate the logo
  • Distort or rotate the logo in any way
  • Change the logo combination
  • Lockup other logos or assets
  • Use any old logos
  • Use the Adaptant Partner Programme logo on top of offensive or racist pictures


Whenever the Adaptant Partner Programme logo is used, it should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space to ensure its visibility and impact. Please observe the clear space requirements in all media.

Clear space [x] is equal to the height of three lines of the Adaptant icon.

There are no preset sizes for the Adaptant Partner Programme logo. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, and function.

To make sure the logo is always clear and legible, please observe the minimum size requirements in all media.

The minimum size is measured by the width of the Adaptant icon. The Adaptant icon must be no less than 20px or 5,3mm.


Colour and typography are two of the most effective elements for ensuring a clear and consistent presentation of the brand identity.

The colour palette of the Adaptant Partner Programme has been carefully chosen, derived from the official Adaptant one to express solidity and durability as a metaphor of the long-term relationships the Adaptant Partner Programme will facilitate and nurture.


The Proxima Nova type family is the official Adaptant font as well as the official logo for the Partner Programme.

While Proxima Nova bold and light are the primary fonts the whole typeface may be used if necessary. If these typefaces are not available to use, Arial can be used as an alternative.