LOT Network

LOT Network

LOT Network (short for License on Transfer) is a non-profit community of companies committed to protecting themselves long-term against PAEs and their patent lawsuits. LOT Network members partner with other like-minded companies who believe good corporate citizens don’t monetize patents through patent trolls.

KnowNow Information

KnowNow Information helps organisations to operate more efficiently through better understanding of data We provide consultancy services to help cities, organisations and individuals to improve interoperability of services and to maximise the value of their information. We use Analytic software and deploy sensors on behalf of our customers. These include groups with a shared objective […]


The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) was initiated by the European Commission in 2015, with the aim to strengthen the dialogue and interaction among Internet of Things (IoT) players in Europe, and to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem to speed up the take up of IoT. Other objectives […]


Billions of connected devices (devices, phones, computers and sensors) should be able to communicate with one another regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport. The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is creating a specification and sponsoring an open source project to make this possible. OCF will unlock the massive opportunity in the IoT market, accelerate industry […]

OSB Alliance

The Open Source Business Alliance (OSB Alliance) is the largest network of companies and organizations that develop, build, or deploy open source software in Germany.  


Open source software has been one of the greatest sources of innovation.  Open source developers have built excellent software solutions for business, education and personal use. Free and open source programs give companies, schools, governments and users more choices, ensuring that they are getting the best possible technology for their needs. Unfortunately, the last decade […]


Digital societies and economies are based on ubiquitous and instantaneous access to value-added services and information, and upon the agile, adaptive and dynamic collaboration between organisations, communities and individuals. Europe and the world will significantly change by 2020. Digital Convergence will transform 21st century society and will have a disruptive influence on social innovation. NESSI, […]