Welcome to Adaptant Services

Adaptant was founded on the basis of filling the gap between the way people want to use data and the way that data is, and will continue to be, regulated. We provide flexible and comprehensive service offerings that co-evolve with your growing business needs.

GDPR Compliance Services

We offer highly tailored and flexible solutions to help you meet your data protection obligations.


EU Research Funding

All your support needs, from funding strategies to proposal pitching and project kick-off.


Training & Professional Services

Interested in extending your own expertise? Come and browse through our offers.


Adapt Your Business, Your Way

  • Flexible pricing: we tailor costing models to suit your company’s budget and needs
  • Service co-evolution: add new services or transform current services seamlessly
  • Support: step-by-step instructions and assistance in implementing the changes you need
  • Liability Coverage: advice on the best way to limit your liability
  • Process alignment: flexibility to align our services with your operational procedures.